Congratulations! You just got engaged and are excited to start planning your dream wedding! At JoAnn’s Bridal, we want to celebrate you! Your perfect dress is here and we are excited to help you find it!

But, saying yes to your dream dress is only one part of the wedding planning process. We’ve created a unique wedding planning checklist focused on all things wedding attire to help make sure you, your groom, and your wedding party are ready to shine for your big day.

Wedding Planning Checklist: A Timeline For All Things Wedding Attire

Your Dress

Your wedding gown is more than a dress—it’s a reflection of you and your love!  We believe that finding the perfect dress should be a fun experience, with options for styles, sizes and price points.  Follow this timeline to help take the stress out of wedding dress shopping and celebrate your perfect love story:

Step One: Find Inspiration
Timeline: Right After Engagement

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of your dress since childhood and already know the exact feel of your wedding! Or, maybe this is the first time you are dreaming about this special occasion! Start an inspiration board or gather images of your dream wedding! Are you feeling the rustic, casual vibe? Or do you want to celebrate the occasion in a formal, elegant way? Do you want to feel sexy or glam? You are the bride, how do you want to celebrate? Set your focus here and gather all the feels! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Instagram and Facebook for ideas of what you can find at JoAnn’s Bridal!

Step Two: Know When To Say Yes
Timeline: 10-12 Months Out From Wedding Day

If you’re wondering how to choose a wedding dress when there are so many options out there, that’s normal! There are several factors to consider: your wedding day feel, your price point, and your wedding timeline. 

Keep in mind that if we need to order your dress, it may take 4-6 months to arrive. If you’re able to choose your wedding dress 10-12 months before your wedding, that’s great! You’ll have plenty of time for it to arrive and have it altered for the perfect fit. If you’re working on a shorter engagement timeline, that’s okay! JoAnn’s Bridal has an amazing collection of gowns in stock that can go home with you today. 

Step Three: Start Dress Shopping
Timeline: 10-12 Months Out From Wedding Day

Your dress shopping experience should be just that — an experience! At JoAnn’s Bridal, we offer bridal appointments for you and your crew. You get to take your time trying on dresses, finding the perfect accessories, and making memories, with the help of one of our qualified bridal stylists.

Step Four: Get Your Dress Ready For Your Big Day
Timeline: 3-4 Months Out From Wedding Day

You’ve found your dream dress, and now it’s time to show it off!  We want your dress to look as perfect as it did the first time you tried it on in our store! That’s why we offer service package add-ons, exclusively for our JB Brides. 

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience — which means your dress will need to be clean and camera ready! We will make sure that your gown is looking nothing less than pristine for your big day.  

Bonus: Wedding Gown Preservation
Timeline: After Returning From Your Honeymoon

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life, and your gown is one of the few things that stays with you after the big day. Wedding gown preservation is the perfect way to keep one of your best memories in pristine condition.

Having your wedding gown preserved means experts will treat, clean, and preserve your dress, as well as make any small repairs that may be needed. They’ll return your gown to you in a beautiful box that will allow you to admire your gown while still preserving it through the years. This wedding gown preservation process is often less expensive than drycleaning and will ensure your gown is available some day for a daughter or granddaughter to walk down the aisle in!


Are you ready to celebrate your wedding season with your bridesmaids? You’ve asked your nearest and dearest girls to stand up with you, and part of the fun is choosing what they’ll wear! Follow this timeline to make sure your bridesmaids are ready to shine alongside you on your big day: 

Step One: Deciding Color and Style
Timeline: 8-10 Months Out From Wedding Day

The first step is to decide the color and style of your bridesmaids dresses. There are a lot of bridesmaid dress styles out there, but you’ll have fun choosing a dress color and type that will tie in with your wedding’s color palette and overall style. You’ll also need to determine if you want all your bridesmaids in the exact same color and style, or if you want to give them basic guidelines and allow them to find their own dresses!

Step Two: Group or Individual Fittings
Timeline: 6-8 Months Out From Wedding Day

If your bridesmaids all live nearby, a group fitting can be a fun reason to get everyone together and keep the celebration going. We can’t wait to help your girls make a statement! If your bridesmaids can’t be there for a group fitting, encourage them to have their initial fitting in plenty of time before the wedding in case alterations are needed.


We hope this wedding planning checklist helps you plan for all things wedding attire. This timeline is a suggestion, so adjust and adapt to fit your unique wedding! If you’re planning your wedding in or around the Waco, TX area, the JoAnn’s Bridal team is here to help you find your perfect dress. Book an appointment to become a JoAnn’s Bride today!



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